They are controlled either by an external control system or more commonly an internal pump controller that can alter the flow rate, the on/off function and also things like alarms and warnings for run dry, degassing and low product levels. Flow Technology offers a wide range of hydraulically actuated Double diaphragm pumps.The design of the pump head ensures that the diaphragm cannot be damaged under critical conditions such as a blocked pipe or closed valves upstream or downstream of the pump.The freely defl ecting diaphragm makes the pump suitable for the metering of slurrieS. PLUNGER PUMPS DOSING PUMP • Low investment costs • Simple design • Easy maintenance DIAPHRAGM PUMPS DOSING PUMP: A leak-proof pump is the right choice whenever product purity or sterility are imperative or when toxic liquids must be handled. It should have a weight on it so it remains in the bottom of the drum of product and sometimes it has a float switch attached to it so the pumps has an alarm activate if the product runs out. It has a suction line attached to the inlet and the dosing line attached to the suction. This is a one way valve that is attached to a suction line. The product that is being dosed, 2. The foot valve. All these methods involve taking a measured amount of a chemical and then injecting that product into a pipe or similar vessel. A dosing pump will deliver this precise flow rate of chemical or other product by a number of different methods but it generally involves drawing a measured amount into a chamber and then injecting this volume of chemical into the pipe or tank being dosed. This can vary in size and materials but is generally a variety of chemical resistant plastic (PVC, PE or similar), rubbers or stainless steel. Occasionally in steam, hot water or super high pressure applications the line can be stainless steel. 4. The dosing line this is generally a fairly 5. rigid PVC or PE tube or a reinforced hose. Depending on the brand and model, a dosing pump functions in a variety of different methods. It is designed to pump a very precise flow rate of a chemical or substance into either a water, steam or gas flow. It is placed into the drum of product and allows the pump to remain primed. There are a couple of major parts to a dosing pump setup: 1. The chemical tank or container. درصورتیکه شما همین مقاله آموزنده را دوست داشتید و می خواهید دیتاها بیشتری در گزینه دوزینگ پمپ پیستونی قیمت لطفا از وب سایت ما دیدن کنید.